Saturday, November 21, 2020



This weekend finds me working on my portrait skills in oils!  Joining 7 other artists in the charming town of Rocheport, I've spent today in the Community Hall.  I'm hoping to complete 6 portraits, honing my skills in the process.  I've already learned something very valuable - I can breath life into a portrait by working from a black and white reference photo, working in the color organically.  Who knew?  I plan to really delve into portraits during the winter months, so this weekend is meant to kick start that process.  Thanks, Nyle! This historic district is amazing, simply filled with vintage buildings - all calling to me to paint!  Oh how I wish I had several plein air days scheduled!  So, I'm sketching before and after the scheduled portrait hours, and will certainly return for more work in oils one day.  Painting number 2872 in 2872 days. 

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