Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lenauer Homestead

When I first drove up this lane, this long sweep of farm grabbed my attention.  Exploring a little further, I drew that distant barn in the freezing cold, with pen and ink.  The pen did hesitate a bit, the first time that's happened to me, but I had left my supplies in the trunk over night.  I won't do that again in the cold!  Returning to this spot after warming up my fountain pen, I began to sketch.  Sheltered from the wind, this was a more comfortable spot.  I was able to take my time with the landscape, careful to accurately portray the beauty.  No need for watercolor here, the ink says it all.  So happy the owner wanted this drawing for their own collection.  Love painting here in Gasconade County!  Painting number 2853 in 2853 days. 

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