Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sunset Solitude

On this wonderful day, as I worked in the flower beds I kept an eye to the sky.  The sunset the night before was gorgeous against the fresh spring greens of the landscape, and I was watching for hints of the colors to come.  I grabbed my thumb box and headed to the orchard for the glimpse of sun peaking through the distant trees.  I have never painted this view here before, but this place called out to me.  It is a real benefit to be spending so much time on the land lately, I am constantly seeing new compositions at different times of day.  Tonight I noticed how very black the pond water looked at dusk, and it started calling my name..... Painting number 2658 in 2658 days.  Well, actually my numbers are now messed up because two posts failed to post this week.  I'll go back and fix them when I can.  Silly internet issues out in rural Missouri....


  1. Tammie this called out to me as well. Your painting is beautiful and haunting.

  2. Gorgeous, after watching a few painting videos I am paying more attention to the sky etc. we live in Missouri too we lived in the woods for the last 20 years when we first retired-we needed something smaller now so moved to lake in the ozarks

  3. Lovely colors-you captured it so well.

  4. The light begged to be captured in a painting. Nicely done!

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