Monday, April 6, 2020

Delta Pansies

The gorgeous weather drew me outside early.  Intending to share a cup of tea with the wildlife, I moved right on to gardening!  Days like this are a gift, so I took full advantage!  Between the various yard chores, I took time for a quick sketch before planting these beauties.  I had my eye on them all morning, and it is so hard to stop working to paint!  I stayed out until dark - so now I'm taking my photo inside!  Can't wait to see how these birthday pansies grow!  Painting number 2650 in 2650 days.


  1. Happy belated Birthday (indeed you meant it was yours!). The day was a gift to everyone here as well, so lovely! Tammie, I would LOVE to see one of your quick sketches in progress. Do you have a video of you doing that?

  2. Another beautiful painting. Must try doing smaller paintings.

  3. Wow these turned out just beautiful. Happy Birthday too. Be Safe and Elbow Hugs.

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