Monday, February 3, 2020


Oh I was so excited when I saw the boxes of oranges lined up by the road in front of one of the houses!  Local residents put their overflow fruit out by the road for others to pick up.  Our oranges are nearly gone from our tree - so I headed by to the house to get a bag.  Only a half mile away, I decided to just grab this box to share with our families.  Far heavier than I realized, I did get it back before my arms gave out.  Ready for a shower after my 2 mile run, I left mom and Evelyn peeling juicy oranges to eat.  When I got out of the shower the looks on their faces were no longer glowing - and I found a plate of very white slices from inside of these "oranges" - and they are tart as grapefruit!  What a disappointment!  So, of course I had to paint them.  Just another plein air/running adventure.  I will taste test the next batch in the field before ever bringing them back!  Painting number 2593 in 2593 days.

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  1. Another beautiful painting. Love the colours and the story which goes with the painting. Have a lovely day.