Monday, January 27, 2020

Row of Trees

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I'm so excited to get new inks and fountain pens in!!  With just a little light left, I loaded my pens with ink and headed outside!  Here, I am trying Robert Oster's Schwarz Rose ink in a TWSBI Eco T.  Love the pen, of course - it is a TWSBI, and I've never met a TWSBI I didn't like - even the simplest, cheapest TWSBI Go!  The ink is delightful!  With a little water from my water brushpen, those lovely turquoise and rose hues appear!  AND, this ink has a wonderful sparkle dust that leaves the tiniest hint of glimmer in those marks.  I like the flow and spread of the ink, and the fact that it looks truly black until I add a little water.  It is very fluid when sweeping across with water while it is wet.  I imagine that once dry, it will not move so well if at all.  Can't wait to try the other Robert Oster ink that arrived!  Painting number 2586 in 2586 days.

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