Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Home on the Hill

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What a treat to find my newest watercolor paints on the front porch when I arrived home!  This Woodlands collection from Prima Watercolor Confections is well suited for the winter landscape.  After unwrapping each pan of watercolor and popping them into the metal palette, I am ready to paint!  With a strong wind on this January day in the 50s, I settle into a rather protected area at the edge of the pasture. Using a completely new palette is always a challenge.  My go to colors are not there, I must mix and play and I find the shades I want to lay down.  A couple of stand outs here - #87 Cavern and #91 Bear. #95 Redwood is pretty nice, too.  Can't wait to try the 5 other ones yet to unwrap! Painting number 2569 in 2569 days.

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