Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunset Stream

I was awarded an extensive set of Richeson oils, which I got to select myself in the fall.  I have dedicated a palette to just this brand, and have used it for this painting.  Exploring the texture and hues as I find new ways to the colors I want.  After three large paintings, I've decided to add Naples yellow, ultramarine violet, and cad orange to my Richeson palette.  I did not order these originally, and find I'm missing them as I work on winter sunsets.  With each studio painting, the process becomes easier,  I can trust more in all of my field experience for the information I lack from a reference photo.  Perhaps I will grow more comfortable with each one I do in the studio.  Nothing like practice to improve those skills!  Painting number 2195 in 2195 days.
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