Friday, October 19, 2018

Weatherby Lake Race

It is thrilling to capture a yacht race in progress with pen and ink!  Today's pen, my newest TWSBI  Go with raven black ink by Levenger.  I LOVE this ink, the rich velvety blackness and the way it moves readily with a little water, put this ink at the top of my list!  And I have probably tried 20 different kinds of black ink!  This pen is serving me well, and at the very economical price, I could put one in each of my sketch bags!  So far, it has not clogged up, and works perfectly every time I put my hands on it.  I can be a very demanding artist of my tools, I simply don't have time to waste on second best of anything. As for sketching lakeside during a yacht race - it is the perfect "office du jour"!!  Painting number 2094 in 2094 days.
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