Thursday, October 18, 2018

Garden of the Gods

What a magnificent view I had from the edge of the bluffs at Garden of the Gods!  Careful to keep myself centered, I neither back up or move forward too much - there simply isn't room.  The rounded bluff tops drop off suddenly and one must be mindful.  It is harder than you think, because I get so absorbed in the painting process, and those steps back for constant checking are ingrained and very natural.  Thus, I can't truly let myself get "into the zone".  This was my first oil painting on location, and a struggle to suggest all those rock planes!  It is something I have been wanting to give more study to, so this place was perfect!  After one ink drawing and three oil paintings on site, I felt I was finally getting a handle on rocks!  Nothing like repetition to improve skills!  Painting number 2093 in 2093 days.
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