Friday, March 3, 2017

Peculiar Farm Supply

Today is all about time management!   There has been a certain order to everything I've done today, just to cram everything in!   I got to this location directly from the gym, and the light was fleeting!  Working fast, I draw quickly and start floating in paint.  I've only used my "classics" and "decadent pies" watercolor tins for this painting.  While I was painting the uppermost door and windows in that building, a shadow crossed the light path I could see from a window, through the open doorway......yikes!   This place is reported to be one of the most haunted in Cass County!   Perhaps he was just interested in what I was doing out there!   You just don't know what will unfold in a daily painting adventure.  Now, I'm on to an Opening at the Buttonwood Gallery for the Urban Abstract Show! Painting number 1514 in 1514 days :)

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