Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dairy Farm

Last week's challenge of painting 100 people in one week was eye opening.   What better way to concentrate on a specific set of skills?   My figure and gesture work has become more fluid and natural - in just one 100 renderings!   With this in mind - I am approaching cattle with the same focus.  I love them,  but have so little experience drawing or painting them that I have to consciously think about their forms as I paint them.  I want them to be fluid, falling off the brush without effort!   I'm watercolor sketching these,  without drawing them first,  allowing the colors to mingle.  I'm using up a watercolor block that I don't care for,  after all,  the focus is the form.  I really only like 300lb paper,  and this is a 140lb cotton rag (artistico).  The texture is too smooth for me,  I prefer the rough.  After about 30 of these babies,  they started rolling off the brush more smoothly.  I'm already more comfortable with their form.  Yay!   I see more of these personal "focus" challenges in my future!   Painting number 1523 in 1523 days.   Perhaps my next focus will be cars in a parking lot!  :)

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  1. I too love cows but can't draw them. You did a great job here and I love this piece.