Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cornerstone Chapel

This chapel was calling my name, long before I got home from the gym.  I've been wanting to paint it, and each time I had a chance, the light was lacking, or time was too short.  With the beautiful sunny day, this was my chance!  I scouted the area a while before deciding on the angle.  I was also tempted by the Feed Store down the street, but it will be best with morning light, so I resisted!  I am using my limited palette of yellow oxide, red oxide, alizarin crimson, ivory black and white, but with the addition of ultramarine blue.  I absolutely had fits last time I was trying to mix green, so I added the blue. This beautiful chapel has 1909 stamped in the concrete over the large window.  I once attended a wedding there, and it was charming inside with the graceful stained glass windows.  I love painting this small town treasure!  Painting number 1513 in 1513 days :)

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