Sunday, December 25, 2016

Flying Santa in Ink

Many years ago, I found this wonderful, whimsical flying Santa in a special Christmas shop while out with my sorority sisters. The blown glass present ornament came in a fancy gift basket we got one year while attending Mike's work Christmas party. The little mouse on the airplane is an ornament my mom gave to one of the boys when they were little.  Every ornament on my tree has a story, some reaching back into my childhood.  My tree is completely loaded with these ornaments!  So much so, that I hang 6 heavy window weights on the back side, just for counter balance.  That is 60 pounds. So, basically, there is a large child hanging on the back of my tree!  Happy Christmas Eve!  This drawing makes 1444 in 1444 days, and I'd better get to sleep before Santa gets here!!

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