Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Buttons Jester

This adorable nutcracker has a European flair, with the almost mime like features.  The red ball nose and the rosy red cheeks certainly have a clown like feel to them!  I love the serious expression to the face, and the applied red buttons to the front of the coat!  The little legs are so shapely - which is not the norm of stick straight legs on most nutcrackers!  The colors work so well together here - it has been one of my favorites to paint!  This painting makes 1448 in 1448 days. 


  1. 1449 in 1449? Wow!!!!!!!! No wonder your work is so beautiful, so polished! Congratulations!

  2. Tammie I really like this jester nutcracker. He seems unusual compared to most that I see. Wonderful painting. My I ask what size these paintings are? How on earth do you manage to paint one per day? Nice work!