Thursday, September 22, 2016

Through the Garden Gate

The Art Mob met this morning at the Thomas Hart Benton house for our monthly paintout, before a little lunch at Q39.  It was amazing!!  His studio was in the stone carriage house, converted just for his needs many years ago.  All furnishings are original, just as if he and his wife left the house one day, and did not return!  All brushes, paints, sketches and supplies are dotted around the studio in various work areas, just ready for the artist's return.  Frames hang from nails on the walls.  The grand stone home was beautiful, inside and out, with an elegance from the 19th century.  The grounds are lush, with a wonderful dappled light that spilled through the trees.   It was magical.  The whole space exuded creativity.  It was really a treat to paint in such a special place.   Painting number 1357 in 1357 days.

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