Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Shaded Creekbank

Some time ago, I had scouted out this spot and had several painting ideas in mind.  After hiking a bit in talk grass  (with my bare legs and sandals!) I arrived on scene to see almost all edges of the creek so overgrown that I could not even see the water!  If I hadn't hiked so far into the cutting grass, I would have gone back to the car to seek out a different spot entirely.  But, I couldn't stand to leave without a painting, so I persevered.   After walking further, I found an opening in the tall brush with a clear shot of the water!   I would have to stand in the full sun to paint this, but it was overcast so I jumped right in.  Well, the sun came out and was hot as "blue blazes" on my back.  With the sun, came a few biting black flies - which I have never encountered outside of Wisconsin!  I finally finished, thinking that I had gotten the painting too light (painting with my panel and palette in the full sun), only to bring it in and find it was as moody as the darkest shade along the creekbank.  Wow - I had to fight for this painting today!  Painting number 1343 in 1343 days :)

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