Sunday, January 31, 2016

Skies of Glory

Skies of Glory
Oil on masonite, 24x18
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Starting rather late in the day on this one, I did have a few hours of uninterrupted painting time.  After sifting through reference photos I have taken over the years, I kept returning to this sky.  I merged the sky with a different landscape, to bounce that wonderful color off the surface of the water.  I have used both brush and knife on this one - my old, worn out brushes since my new ones have not come in yet.  The connoisseurs hold up very well for the first 150 paintings, and then begin to show some wear.  But, in their defense, they have very slowly degraded - and I will keep them for all the rough, scrubby work.  That will leave my new ones for the finish work and places where I want sharp edges on the brush.  My favorite palette knife remains the pie shaped one - I use it 90% of the time I reach for a knife.  Since it is now dark, I will let this rest until tomorrow, checking it again in the natural light of day.  Are these blues too strong?.........maybe.........painting number 1125 in 1125 days.

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