Monday, January 25, 2016

Return to Reibolt's Creek

Return to Reibolt's Creek
Oil on masonite, 18x24

One evening, as the last light was stretching across the landscape, Teddy and I were able to paint quick color studies of this very place in just over 30 minutes.  Standing thigh high in tall grass and weeds, I had climbed down into the ditch to get this vantage point.  It was far safer than roadside with the west sun directly in the eyes of oncoming traffic.  After a couple of cars flew by  before even seeing us, we shimmied on down that hill.  With the creek coming alive with night life, I painted with one ear open for the curious snake - or bear, as the locals had mentioned sightings up and down the coastline!  I have painted this entirely from my color study, which was a 9x12, and will now let it rest until morning.  It is always hard for me to tell of I’m finished when I start a painting with natural light, and finish it with artificial.  So, I will look with fresh eyes in the morning, and then decide.  This was a very special place to paint, and doing so again takes me right back to the cool, damp air of that still evening by the creek.  Painting number 1119 in 1119 days, and Day 26 of the 30 day painting challenge.

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