Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rooster in Ink

Rooster in Ink
Pen and ink on paper, 6x6
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Exploring pen and ink this month has been so rewarding!  I really wanted to improve my ink skills - since I have very little experience in this medium, and it was a big reason I chose ink over graphite.  Little did I expect to enjoy it SO much!  I have always loved the vintage look of those wonderful antique drawings - and I find that I lean strongly towards this style.  One big difference - I do not structure my strokes.  I simply let them fly out as they may, as I pull the pen over the surface of the paper.  I did try a new pen tonight - it has a chisel edge, making it fabulous for those darker strokes, dropped in for added interest! Every time I draw or paint a rooster, the old adage, "a rooster is good luck in the kitchen", floats through my head.  I think it was Grandma Bessie that first told me that, many years ago!  This drawing is special - the 1111th in 1111 days, and the 18th in the current 30 Day Painting Challenge :)

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