Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Roses on Cotton

Red Roses on Cotton
Flower pigment, pen and ink on cotton, 8x9.5
I learned several things with today's flower pounding experience.  The rose that was almost red to fall apart had the strongest and most defined pigment.  The fresher ones were just too juicy.  So, the next time I have roses ready to fall apart in the vase - I will pound them instead of tossing them!  Today, I am using unbleached muslin, which is thicker than the cotton I used before, and the texture is coarser.  It works well, but I wonder how something like batiste would is natural cotton, but quite thin. Perhaps the pigment would be stronger just because there would be less fabric to bleed into to produce a good image.  The best part of this project?  I pounded the flowers ahead of time, allowed them to dry (with 4 others), and then took them with my to ink in the car as I waited for the boys to get out of school!  It is a fabulous project for waiting time, because there is no clean up, other than capping my pen and setting the cotton aside.  Much easier than shutting down my "in car watercolor studio" at the bel of release!  This is Day 16 in the 30 day painting challenge and my 989th painting in 989 days :)

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