Friday, September 25, 2015

Goats in the Pasture at Kill Creek Farm

In the Pasture at Kill Creek Farm
Oil on wood, 14x11
In the early morning, it looked as though rain would be my painting companion.  But, it turned out to be a beautiful painting day - even warm at 88 degrees by the time I finished this one!  I have been to this historic farm several times through the years to paint, but I have never actually painted near the farmhouse and old barns!  The goats were very interested in me at first, but soon grazed on to a greener field, ending up back in the woods!  Whenever I paint animals en plein air, I get their shapes in as fast as I can - you never know when they will dart out of sight!  It was so quiet where I painted, I could even hear a rat chewing on the old dead log behind me!  My daughters used to have pet hamsters, rats and mice - so I know that noise!  Painting number 998 in 998 days and Day 25 in the 30 day painting challenge.

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