Friday, September 18, 2015

Along the Monon

Along the Monon Trail
Oil on masonite, 14x11
We arrived after midnight last night and hit the floor running this morning at the Carmel on Canvas event in Carmel, Indiana.  We can paint anywhere inside of the "Carmel Arts District", which is marked by arches on three sides, and the high school on the other. Everyone is so friendly, and my first day spent painting in this totally new location was SO pleasant! There are several themes available for the artists to paint - and this one is "woodlands".  This is a whirlwind event with only today and tomorrow to paint - turning in one painting for judging at 4:00 tomorrow, with others on display, and theme paintings marked with a special sticker.  A reception follows, and then a quick paint takes place on Sunday.  Whew!  This painting is Day 18 in the 30 day painting challenge, and my 991st painting in as many days :)
Along the Monon Trail
oil on masonite, 14x11
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