Monday, June 9, 2014

Wisteria on the Vine

Wisteria on the Vine
Oil on panel, 10x8
Wisteria is one plant I have never grown.  When the kids were small, I didn't plant it because the seeds are poisonous.  The flowing purple beauty if this vine are beyond compare.  I've been doing so much gardening lately, I find I am planning out where to plant such a lovely specimen.  I would love to grow it as roof to a large open arbor - perhaps near the pool where we could really benefit from some added shade.  The ideas are many, and as an extension of my thoughts today - I am painting what is on my mind.  Loose and impressionistic with my strokes, this painting makes 525 in 525 days.

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  1. We just planted two wisteria plants at opposite corners to our ten foot high pergola. Our idea is to train them up the posts and then spread them out on the top of the pergola. Ours are only three or four months in the ground, but they are really starting to take off and climb the posts.