Monday, June 2, 2014

Allium and Zinnias

Allium and Zinnias
Acrylic over molding paste on panel, 14x11
Overland Park Arboretum
Stems Plein Air Event - sold
After a morning of awards at school, I headed out Friday to get a couple of paintings in.  I wanted to paint over molding paste again, this time with more careful knife strokes - and adding detail to the background areas which I left flat on the earlier piece.  I am currently using Liquitex light molding paste, where I used Golden last time.  I find the Liquitex has a surface that more readily accepts the overpainting.  I found the Golden brand had a bit of resistance, causing my paint to be lighter when painting over the molded parts.  I had added acrylic paint to the Golden paste to add in the same color as my surface, hoping to improve how the paint adhered afterwards - but it did not.  So, for this technique, Liquitex wins - hard to believe, as I love all of the Golden acrylic products that I have tried, and I use Liquitex very little.  It was so warm, the paste was dry when I was ready to start with the acrylics.  By the time I had finished, I had backed up 30 feet to keep myself out of the sun which kept creeping my way!  I really like painting these florals in this way - I have already done 2 others, and may even try a whole landscape later in the week.  I know, just a little "crazy" in my normal, everyday routine......just to spice things up!  Painting number 518 in as many days - where does the time go?

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