Sunday, June 29, 2014

Juicy Geraniums

Juicy Geraniums
Watercolor on paper, 6x4
After spending the entire day cleaning, organizing, putting things in the attic, and getting my art supplies in order - I have come late to my easel!  At first so tired, I had no idea what to paint.  As I relaxed just a bit - "geraniums" - popped into my mind!  Without sketching or planning the composition out, I started dropping on the drawing gum with one of my newly found palette knives.  Painting in the background, then some of the red, I next removed the gum - a wee bit early - which resulted in a little transfer of color onto my white areas.  I just worked that color in, and painted the rest rather quickly - and a bit boldly.  I am getting an early start on my Fourth of July colors!  I just found a perfect frame for this little painting, and I have the perfect spot in the family room for it - so I guess I will be keeping this one!  This painting makes 545 in 545 days - and another day of experimenting in watercolor :)

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  1. Love geraniums too, these show up as very orange on my computer..which is my favorite color geranium and not as common as the red, white and pink!! Gorgeous it! Pops right off the page!!

    Hugs Giggles