Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two Pears

Two Pears
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 4x4
Fruit is a wonderful subject when I am feeling like pushing the bold paint.  The contrast with a dark background adds to the drama, allowing the colors to pop.  I am working in a small format tonight, only 4 inches squared.  I blocked in all the areas with a brush, and then pulled out my palette knife for topping off.  I much prefer the way a palette knife works on a hard surface, like the wood panels I normally use.  I used the cad yellow light on this one, a color I don't normally use.  My "go to" yellow is normally cad yellow lemon, but it's hue was just not right for these pears.  This is a three day weekend with the kids off from school, and Mike home from work for President's Day tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to some "family fun"!  Painting number 412 in 412 days :)

1 comment:

  1. I like your way to paint.
    Your works have a sensitivity in a special way.
    The light, the shadow, the colors inspires me.