Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Old Tree ATC

I Love using pen and ink for such timeless subject matter.  This drawing could have been drawn a century ago, the method and tools are the same.  I used a favorite fountain pen loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink, and use a water brush pen to gradate and soften edges.  For those lines I don't want to move, I use De Atrementis archival ink in another fountain pen which has an extra fine nib. I must be careful of such a small nib on handmade paper, one can do easily tear the surface.  I am sketching in miniature tonight - because it is late and I've had a very full day!  There are never enough hours for all I want to do in a day.  Loved getting to draw this grand old tree - even after dark!  Painting number 3345 in 3345 days.   💕🎨

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