Monday, March 14, 2022

J. Rieger and Co

I am always surprised to find a new place to paint - that I didn't even know existed!  I knew the company name as one of the places making hand sanitizers when Covid broke out.  But, I had no idea they would exist in a wonderful, historic building in amazing condition.  The equipment is glassed on all sides, and one can view from the lower or upper level from assorted seating.  The restaurant was closed today, but I want to return with family to enjoy this place.  There is a outdoor terrace area off the restaurant and a large bar upstairs, all keeping with the historic elegance of the place.  What a Kansas City treasure!  I used ink and watercolor to sketch out the very complicated scene, coming back in with more ink to accentuate the focal points, letting some of those pipes fade away in the background.  Wish I had all day to paint here! Painting number 3358 in 3358 days. 

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