Thursday, March 24, 2022

Inky Landscape

Tonight,  I was in the mood for exploring the depths of a few of the new inks I got at Christmas.  Part of Diamine's Inkvent Calendar, I am using Winter Spice, Thunderbolt, Seize the Night, and Brandy Snap, the inks closest to the colors I see in our stormy landscape right now.  I dropped these inks in where I saw them, with a dropper!  I then took a very wet wash brush, and ran it along the edge of those lines, adding water and blotting as needed to describe the landscape.  As the gloss was off the paper, I added in a bit more ink with a dip pen. The magic all happens in the wet wash - and it's completely uncontrollable!  I love using these inks in such a cool way - and there is a wonderful glistening to the Brandy Snap ink, and some intriguing chroma to the others!  I think more exploration is called for!  Painting number 3368 in 3368 days. 

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