Thursday, March 3, 2022

Hotel Bothwell

Would you believe this is my very first trip to historic downtown Sedalia?  Only an hour and half from home, this charming town is steeped in vintage architecture!  So many beautiful buildings, seemingly so untouched by civil war destruction.  So many of our Missouri towns are just a sprinkling of buildings instead of blocks and blocks and blocks.  I noticed the same thing about Salina, Kansas.  I do live in the historic "burnt district" of Cass County and Order #11, but it's not until I get a little farther out that I realize the difference in the historic district landscape.  It makes me wonder about all the homes that were lost during the Civil War, and thankful that ours survived, even when a mattress was laid against the west side and lit on fire.  We found this information from the family records passed down from the second family who owned it, given to us by Mrs. Rice.  The Hotel Bothwell is gorgeous inside, and the restaurant - Ivory Grille - was absolutely amazing.  Best meal I've had in ages, and the atmosphere is rich in history and romance.  So glad I found this place to stay while in town as Guest Speaker for the Sedalia art league.  Painting number 3347 in 3347 days. 

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  1. Fantastische Bilder,
    In ein paar Jahren wollte ich mich auch bei Aquarellen ein wenig auszutoben... leider ist das Abenteuer mit einem Desaster zu ende gegangen. Wie es aussieht manche Menschen haben einfach zwei linke Hände ;-)
    Tolle Bilder ... ich schaue mir die gerne an
    Lg czoczo