Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Mid-day at Union Station

When I heard it was time for #oneweek100people again, I was not going to participate.  I had so much to do, with several "Kansas City" themed paintings yet to complete for delivery to a local gallery.  But then I thought, where better to paint so many people at once than Union Station?  I had to be in the city anyway, so why not pop in and knock this out all at once?  It's fun inking these little people, and washing them with a wet brush.  Some are left defined, and some are only the illusions left behind after the washed ink was blotted up.  Even though I've met my weekly quota, I might just try this again in watercolor.  After all, I have a Plaza theme coming up......!  Painting number 3353 in 3353 days. 

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