Friday, March 11, 2022

Farmhouse in the Snow

More snow overnight left a glistening blanket over the pastures.  Still overcast in the morning, I waited for the skies to clear and the temperature to rise.  At 48 degrees - I thought I'd better get out there, before that winter magic melts away.  Using my 7x5 thumb box pochade, I tucked 2 panels in the top and my paints below that shelf.  I use an Altoid tin for my palette in this box, and it needs refreshing before I use it again.  The paints seem to dry out faster here than in my other tin palettes with better seals.  We hiked first since Beau was full of energy, then he could spend his time "hunting" while I painted.  The ground is soft despite the snow, and I think he's sniffing out mice underground!  He loves playing in the snow - I don't think he'll ever outgrow it!  Painting number 3355 in 3355 days. 

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