Saturday, March 5, 2022

Benton Blvd Bridge

During the last Brush Creek Art Walk that I attended, I had sketched this out on location on the hill sloping down to Brush Creek. The arches are stunning, and though I have painted them before, I have not drawn them in ink in such dramatic fashion.  I used one of my favorite fountain pens loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink, and a little water to move the ink around. I even dipped my round brush directly into the ink a couple of times for those really dark areas, then I blended them out with a little water.  I have no idea what paper this is - no doubt something special I purchased from a local art store - and probably 100% cotton. The paper is quite thick and firm, and really does work great for ink.  I'm trying to get a few more Kansas City themed paintings done for show entries before I head back into the city. Hope I can get a large drawing done of Union Station, too. Painting number 3349 in 3449 days.

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