Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sponge Docks

Mom and I came down to the sponge docks today, after I turned in three paintings.  We walked the streets and shopped before my brother and his son joined us for lunch.  When I saw this boat with loads of sponges up and down the dock, I knew I would have to paint it.  One man was stringing some together, while others were bagged in nets.  Many large cylindrical ones were loose in piles - until they were also bagged.  I found a place in the shade, and started the lines of the boat, adjusting as I worked.  This was so fun to sketch - and paint, unlike anything else I've done.  I have painted a sponge boat before, but it only had a few strings of sponges, not the overflowing amount here!  Just docked, these men worked 31 days of 34 out to sea, and I'm sure they were eager to get home.  Imagine being away from your family for long spells.  I learned that the sponges grow back after they are cut, which I love.  What a cool day spent in Tarpon Springs!  Painting number 3190 in 3190 days.  

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