Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Morning at Sunset Beach

After yesterday's battle at the preserve with Florida's biting yellow flies, today I thought a day at the beach was in order.  After framing two earlier paintings, and turning in one, I headed to this new beach on my way to another favorite, wanting to check it out.  Well, I stayed for two paintings and didn't make it to Howard Park at all.  I first walked the beach, stepping through the warm gulf coast water, sand between my toes as I wound through the palm trees.  This Sunset Park is lovely, and so very paintable!   I set up in the shade of a palm, listening to the waves lap at the shore, visiting with others as they enjoyed the beach.  There are many birds here, more than the other beaches I've painted this week.  The breeze was calm and the temperature perfect for the entire process.  This painting has truly been a day at the beach!  Painting number 3189 in 3189 days. 

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