Monday, October 11, 2021

Brooker Creek

Some paintings are a hard won battle - and this is such a painting.  After a walk along the boardwalk, I selected this location on the bridge for my preferred composition. It was in dappled shade with very little breeze, but I was in for the hot and humid conditions here in Tarpon Springs.  The giant resident alligator slapped the water hard while grabbing a fish - which we heard from the trail.  He then went on to glide through the water with grasses on his back, to lay like a log on the opposite bank.  Fish were jumping, a large white bird snagged food from a hole in a tree top, and it was a lovely afternoon of painting, until the sun came out and the biting flies found me!  I've never seen such large bee flies - looked like bees but have a hard bite! The only way to keep them off me was to keep moving, they did not mind my sprays in the least!  So I tried to work faster, dance around to avoid them, and yelped as they drew blood - but I did not leave that spot until I finished.  Plein air is not for sissies - I gave up a little blood for this one!  Painting number 3188 in 3188 days. 

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