Saturday, October 9, 2021

Howard Beach

The sand between my toes, sun on my skin and coastal breezes are probably what I love best about Florida!  After driving through torrential rain last night, the very first thing on my mind this morning was relaxing on the beach!  After a not so quick spin around Howard Island in Tarpon Springs, I decided on this shady spot on the beach to set up. Though the breezes were strong, the heavy duty tripod I got from my dad held my pochade firmly. I sketched my composition out with my brush, and leisurely let the painting unfold.  I didn't do an ink sketch first, and I probably should have.  I already have a slightly different composition in mind for the next one.  I enjoyed painting such a peaceful coastline and visiting with others soaking up the Florida sunshine.  Time slips away when I'm painting on a beach, the sound of the surf mesmerizing me.  I'm absolutely going to bask in every moment here.  Painting number 3186 in 3186 days. 

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