Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Night on 1st Street

I had packed up my gear and framed this before I remembered to get a photo of it on location - hence the frame!  It took a little coaxing to get a couple of artist friends to join me, but nocturne painting is more fun with friends!  I loved this view on the previous night, so it was on my mind.  Checking a few different angles, I settled on this one, where the light flooded into the street in multiple places.  As I painted the dark night sky, I accidently dipped into a new color I'm trying out on my palette - a very dark olive green. It is very close to my ultramarine blue, and I did indeed mix it into my night sky.  You can't tell here in the night lighting, but that paint added a rich something special to my alizarin, blues and violets. I will be adding it to future paintings, too!   I love those happy accidents!  Painting number 3203 in 3203 days. 

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