Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Road to the Vineyard

This is my first trip to the Seven Springs Winery in Linn Creek, Missouri - and WOW, what a lovely place it is!  The vineyards spill over the hills beautifully, begging to be painted!  The garden surrounding the winery is lush and abundant, yet not quite touched by the sun this early morning.  So, I turn to the vineyard.  With sun peaking in and out I am able to get some shadows, adding interest to the grasses. With brushwork, I boost those masses, lending interest to those and areas.  After two weeks of long days in the hot sun, my paints are beginning to tack up.  It adds a body and thickness not present two weeks ago, but I will certainly need to do some palette clean up when I return home.  Keeping them on ice in my trunk doesn't last all day in this kind of heat!  If only I could find a better cold bag for them!  Painting number 3134 in 3134 days. 

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