Saturday, August 28, 2021

Late Summer Blooms at the Disney Barn

I love painting in Marceline, Missouri each year for the NOMO Plein Air Event!  This place calls to me in the early morning light from afar - and I always head here for my first paint of the day! The bloom season is more progressed here than in years past, and I revel in the changes!  Many greens are golden now, and the trees actually have fall color starting  - probably from so many hot days and the stress of causes.  I walked the grounds twice before settling on this spot, and then I jumped right in.  Painting in my composition with a burnt umber, I then marked the light, shadow and color pops with paint.  My fresh ultramarine violet was too buttery to serve me well, so I was mixing my cool shadow shades again. That color has been disappointing me lately, I think I may just banish it from my palette! As I finished, I dropped heavier paint marks for all this wildflowers - and loved the effect and dimension it added.  It was a wonderful morning spent among the wildflowers, soaking in the quiet beauty of this very special place.  I'm so happy this painting won a Purchase Award tonight and will now go live in New York to remind it's family of Marceline!  Painting number 3146 in 3146 days. 

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