Thursday, August 12, 2021

Chapel at Bridal Cave

 Making history in possibly the coolest place I've ever painted - inside the Chapel of the Bridal Cave!   We are the first artists to plein air paint in this cave!!  What a once in a lifetime experience!!  I didn't know this would be possible, so I was dressed for the high heat warning day of near 100 degrees. Donning a jacket, I walked into this gorgeous, chilly cave and absolutely marveled at the beauty. We could set up anywhere in the first two "rooms", and I chose the chapel. Many couples have been married here, and this is a very special place.  This room was colder than the first and cold water dripped from the ceiling, splashing on my legs from the walls.  I went back out for my rain jacket, and that helped to at least keep the top of me dry.  By the time I finished this magnificent place, I was shivering so much I could hardly manage my brushes and close up my easel.  My feet and sandals were completely wet and so very cold!  It took an hour of standing in the sun at 97 degrees to finally warm up enough to start losing layers.  And it was SO VERY WORTH EVERY BIT OF THE DISCOMFORT!  I am so happy to be among the first artists ever to paint here.  What an honor!  Painting number 2129 in 2129 days. 

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