Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Last Light over the Rockies

After spending the day with family in the Rocky Mountain National Park, we scouted our area and found this wonderful spot!  We are staying here at the YMCA of the Rockies for a family wedding this week, so of course I am finding time to paint the beauty in our down time.  The views from this Overlook Chapel in Estes Park are amazing, and this is where the ceremony will take place at week's end.  I finally have time to work with my oils this evening, and there is nothing as satisfying as letting the painting unfold before me.  Surrounded by cool, dry air and stillness, I revel in the exploration of the local color here . I'm surprised at how little wildlife I see here compared to Missouri.  At home, birdsong is everywhere, as are bees and butterflies.  Not so here, very few birds and I've seen one butterfly way up Trailridge Road.  We've seen about a dozen deer, three elk babies, a giant moose tonight, and a few chipmunks.  But all are quiet, even at night.  In such a climate, when a crow started making warning noises downwind of us, we packed up and headed out.  We've been warned the bears are more active than usual, and it was starting to get dark!  This is my first adventure in Estes Park, and I can't wait for more!  What a treat to get to immerse myself here - with paint!  Painting number 3149 in 3149 days. 

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