Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Looking Down Main Street

I have never painted from the top of Main Street in Parkville before today. I parked way up the hill, hiking down in search of my perfect scene. As I approached the  French restaurant, I stopped, backing up to the middle of that side street!  I stood there for most of my line drawing, as it was the only way to get most of the shops  the train tracks, and the park beyond. With so many complicated buildings, this ink and watercolor painting took longer than my norm, but it was so worth it!  In my excitement to get out framed and start another, I once again I packed up and left my spot - without getting the pic on my easel! A helpful visitor saw me struggling to prop this against some stones, and offered to get a photo!  The glass is messing with the color a bit - but at least I have an image.  I'm so honored that this painting won the Main Street Purchase Award this evening!  Painting number 3120 in 3120 days. 

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