Friday, August 6, 2021

Flowers on Main Street


I LOVED painting the Flower Truck in front of White Farmhouse Flowers in Parkville today!! As soon as I arrived on location, I KNEW this would be a fun paint!  The Volkswagen truck filled with buckets of flowers made the store front adorable!  So, with brush and paint I sketched out the scene, allowing the sun to move a little before adding the light and shadow.  The afternoon light is amazing on this row of shops, so I waited for it!  As it slid into place, I marked those masses quickly.  Light is a fleeting thing, so speed matters.  The shop owner graciously welcomed us with wine and cheese, and I did a little shopping.  This place is just as cute inside as outside!  So happy this painting went home with the Master Florist!! Painting number 3123 in 3123 days!  ❤🎨

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