Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 I just had to return to this corner to capture Ozarkland in ink and watercolor.  This time I am set up diagonally across the square from this iconic place. This intersection is so busy, and interesting!  The square is set like a diamond on the cross of streets from the points. Parking is on several sides with small shade trees to offer cover on this very hot day. I planned to go paint the Ha Ha Tonka castle ruins, too, but I've run out of time!  I've used three kinds of ink on this one before adding watercolor, De Atramentis Archive Ink, Robert Oster's Thunderstorm, and Levenger's Raven Black. The first one is for the sketchy lines I want to stay the second is a great shadow shade, and the last is for lines I want to move.  I have so many inks, perhaps I should explore with more of them in the field.  These favorites are almost always with me!  Painting number 3135 in 3135 days. 

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