Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wandering Wolf Creek

Wandering Wolf Creek
Oil on panel, 14x11
Overland Park Arboretum
Stems Plein Air Event
There is something so peaceful about painting near water - and especially when that water runs through the woods.  Birdsong and the gentle babbling of the creek were the background music for this painting.  Until a friend posted this bridge in a painting - which he later excluded - I did not even know this bridge existed!  Finding my way to the back of the property with my gear in tow, I set up on part of the dry creek bed.  At the time, it was shaded.  Before I was finished, the sun had moved into my spot, and I had to move up closer to the bridge to regain some shade.  Balancing the deep shade with the light streaming into the water, and the reflected light off the surface was a little tricky.  I was not quite sure I was finished before I moved on to another location.  After letting it rest for a day......I think I am finished.  This painting almost perfectly reflects the way I felt while painting on location........and isn't that what painting is all about?  Painting number 507 in 507 days.  I hope tomorrow is dry enough for more plein air painting :)


  1. So beautiful painted and it makes me want to walk over the old bridge.
    And it's as I can hear the bubbling water and the bird singing in the
    background :)

  2. Beautiful painting, as always! Valerie
    PS the link on PPF leads to your last week's post!