Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bridge Near the Willow

Bridge Near the Willow
Oil on panel, 14x11
Penn Valley Plein Air Fest
Buttonwood Gallery, Kansas City
On the night of the opening social, I saw a couple of the artist's paintings with this amazing stone bridge in it.  I had driven through the park, but had not seen it.  It was therefore, my mission to find this bridge first thing the next morning. After scouting various locations to no avail - I spotted two of these bridges down by the lake in Penn Valley Park!  This side is the rather unkempt part with a wonderful, natural feel to it.  The other side has been manicured with appropriate landscaping, and it faces the lake.  It was a bit of a task to haul my gear down to this location - but hauling it up was quite a workout, indeed!  I finished this one up just as the rain was starting, and stopped for lunch before starting the next painting of the day.  I just can't resist a stone bridge, and this one reminds me of the ones down in Dogwood Canyon - not far from Big Cedar in southern Missouri.  Wonderful and historic, they make such an addition to the landscape!  This painting makes 497 in as many days, and is now showing at the Buttonwood Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri at 31st and Main :)

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