Sunday, May 25, 2014

Retreat to the Cabin

Retreat to the Cabin
Oil on panel, 12x9
Augusta Plein Air Fest
I have painted these cabins a couple of times in years past, but they always draw me in.  I love the trees, foliage, colors of the cabin and roof - all are appealing!  This time, I went uphill a bit, so this view was from a different angle than before - and I loved the english ivy growing up the trees!  It added a dimension to the landscape, a wildness, that strongly appealed to me.  I was working in strong afternoon light - during the downtown Augusta plein air day - and the strong shadows were as important as the light.  I did run down to Halcyon for a massage in the middle of this painting - so you can only imagine how relaxed I felt upon returning - it is a wonder I even finished this painting at all!  Painting number 510 in 510 days :)

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