Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunset Glow at Nobeleis

Sunset Glow at Nobeleis
Oil on panel, 9x12
Sunset Paint at Nobeleis Winery
Augusta Plein Air Festival
Today, I spent all day painting at the Penn Valley Plein Air Fest.  I finished three paintings, the last of which was a quick paint at the Frontier Mother statue.  Getting home after dark, I will wait until tomorrow to take photos of my work.  So, I am posting this one from the Sunset Paint at Nobeleis Winery.  The vineyards spread out from the winery, and live music wafted on the air as we painted.  I loved this path along the tree line - especially as the shadows lengthened to the east!  A beautiful night for painting, the evening was unseasonably warm.  A little food, a little wine, a little music, and this amazing view of the is sweet indeed.  Every painting day should be perfect!  Today?  Well, By the second painting, I was seriously considering the name of "Fighting the Wind" for the title!  I have been battered by that wind all day - I even thought I would be blown right off the hill during the quick paint!  I guess it really makes me appreciate the perfect weather of the Nobeleis Sunset Paint!  Painting number 492 in as many days.  Tomorrow - another quick paint at the Penn Valley Park - this one is at the Firefighter's Memorial :)

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